Health Impact Fund “mini-HIF” Proposal

Executive Summary

The Health Impact Fund (HIF) is intended to provide competitive returns to firms that develop drugs and vaccines to treat the diseases mostly prevalent in low- and middle-income countries. A smaller version – the “mini-HIF” – could effectively demonstrate viability of this approach. The benefits of supporting the mini-HIF are:

  • Helping to kick-start a transformative, sustainable solution to generate incremental revenues from therapies targeted at developing countries.
  • Helping to launch an institution that would increase commercial incentives to develop therapies for neglected diseases.
  • Leading a highly visible, innovative global public health initiative

The most effective mini-HIF would be funded in the range of $60m – $200m, ideally with funding from several sources including foundations and governments.

The mini-HIF would be a competition for pharmaceutical manufacturers and PDPs to achieve health impact through an innovative drug, vaccine, delivery mechanism or formulation used mainly in low- and middle-income countries (a “project”). Firms and PDPs would be invited to bid through a Request for Proposals; successful proposals would become eligible for rewards based on health impact achieved through the initiative. The available reward pool would be divided among the accepted projects in proportion to the health impact achieved by each.

The mini-HIF would create incentives for investment into improving the health of poor people. For further details, please get in touch with us at

Health Impact Fund mini-HIF

Health Impact Fund “mini-HIF” Proposal

This book presents an in-depth overview of the Health Impact Fund’s proposed MiniHIF initiative. The mini-HIF focuses on demonstrating the feasibility of rewarding new drugs based on assessed health impact.

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