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What is HIF?

What is the Health Impact Fund?

The Health Impact Fund (HIF), is a proposal for a new institution that would:

  • Offer an innovative pay-for-performance mechanism
  • Reward new pharmaceuticals based on actual health impact
  • Enable the widest access to medicines registered with HIF

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What are the Pain Points?

“The 10/90 Gap – Only 10% of global healthcare resources
are spent on developing countries where 90% of preventable
diseases happen.”

One key reason behind the gap is misalignment of corporate and social goals.
Companies seek to maximize their profits from each drug they discover
and produce. On the other hand, society hopes to maximize the total health

Our Interventions:

Restore demand-based drug innovation via a pay-for-performance mechanism, as an alternative revenue stream to pharmaceutical companies
Companies can freely decide which markets to enter based on considering “where patients are”, instead of “where those who can afford medicines are”
Leverage R&D efforts from private sector and achieve sustainability to tackle health issues in developing countries.
Develop an alternative investment benchmark to better measure R&D project success of pharmaceutical companies.

How does the HIF work?

By creating the right incentives, the HIF will spur drug innovations that directly serve the majority of population and make relevant drugs accessible in even the poorest countries.

  1. A pharmaceutical company registers a newly discovered drug with HIF.
  2. The company sells and distributes the drug at a non-profit level, while retaining all patents and other rights.
  3. HIF monitors the actual health impact created by the drug (measured in QALYs) on a yearly basis once it is rolled out to the market
  4. Based on our funding pool and total health impact generated by all registered drugs, HIF divides the funding pool among the participating companies proportionately.
  5. Firms will register only when rewards are large enough to compensate f or the loss of high prices.
  6. Registration expires in 10 years.

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